First thing to do - Starting a new business

The Journey to Owning and Running your own Business

Do you have a business idea? Think it’s never going to work out? Think again. Starting a business can be tricky, but with the right information and resources, it doesn’t have to be. Here are questions that an intending entrepreneur needs to answer to be sure they are ready to embark on the journey in […]


How To


How to choose the ideal server for your small business

A server is a computer or any other hardware device which is connected to the network of computers in the organization, used to manage the network resources for all the users in the network. Businesses small or large, operating just 2 computers or 20 computers or 2000 computers, they need a server to store the […]

cloud computing

How to Use Cloud Computing for your Business

How to Use Cloud Computing for your Business Cloud Computing: Cloud Computing is the process of storing, processing data on remote servers available on the Internet rather than your own computer or local server. Cloud Computing comprises of hardware and software resources, managed as third party services. Cloud Computing Types: Cloud Computing can be classified […]

business challenges

How to overcome 6 common small business challenges

How to overcome 6 common small business challenges Every small business faces certain challenges. These can be easily overcome and the small business owner must become the jack of all trades in-order to run the business successfully. It is estimated that most small business fail rather than succeed. Overcoming the 6 common mistakes that most […]

DIY Guides

Home based small business

Guide to start-up a home based small business

Guide to start-up a home based small business Working from the comfort of home is turning out to be the dream of most individuals today. It is not just a home based job that is looked for, but people are looking out for a home based small business. More and more people are seeking for […]

Social Media

Guide to explore the role of Social Media Signals in Web 3.0

The web is undergoing a massive transformation, just like anything else in the world. The web surfing experience is reaching new heights day by day. What is web 3.0? Web 3.0 is more of a personalized web. It is delivering what the customer need in its exact form. For instance, if we are searching the […]

angel investors

Guide to Get Angel Investors for Small Businesses

Small businesses are growing in number day-by-day. These businesses as they move up the ladder require certain initial funds to get it off the ground. The most common source of funding for small business owners are the angel investors. Receiving funds from angel investors is not a one-day, easy process. It requires a thoughtful approach […]